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Chill out, don’t bug out: Your best ways to prep for stress

Rate this article and enter to winYou’re dealing with an epic family saga, your dissertation proposal isn’t going to write itself, and the town hall meeting lasted forever because the phantom trash-can thief is...
Female student outdoors

Creativity: Can you lose yourself to find yourself?

Rate this article and enter to winDo you see yourself as creative? Maybe you don’t play a musical instrument and didn’t wow in grade school art class. Perhaps you see your creativity in your...
Woman studying in the library

The 4 keys to college courses

Rate this article and enter to winAcademic performance not what you expected? You’re not alone. I see countless students each semester who have that shocked look on their faces when they get professors’ feedback...
Smiling male student

Get your academic act together: Mind tricks for meeting your deadlines

Rate this article and enter to winAre unfinished assignments encroaching on your personal life and mangling your peace of mind? Wondering what happened to your deadline discipline?Staying on top of our workload is about...
Man doing homework

The job prob: How to make your electives matter

Rate this article and enter to winWhether you’re in law school or getting your associate degree at a local community college, picking your electives can be stressful. When choosing your supplemental courses, you’re likely...
Happy couple

When your education changes, do your relationships?

Rate this article and enter to winAs a student, you may find that your interests and priorities are shifting and that your commitment to school is changing the dynamics in your relationships. Taking time...
Tree trunk laying across road / two photos of people in distress

Life’s obstacle course: Strategies to keep your studies on track

Rate this article and enter to winThere will be many challenges during your college career. Most can be anticipated, such as tough exams and lengthy papers. But other issues—like personal illness, financial hardship, or...
Smiling man at computer

Making it click: How to get the most from online classes

Rate this article and enter to winThe Internet has revolutionized many things, and the classroom is no exception. Professors are using the Web to enhance their traditional courses, and many schools offer classes and...
Man in library

Independent studies: Getting support along the way

Rate this article and enter to winDo you feel like a satellite adrift in space? Has your closest companion become a pipette or do you barely remember your school logo until you log into...